The association with assistance from the DRC Environment Ministry organize the confiscation of the bonobos that are offer for sale in the street of Kinshasa as :

PETS for children

le trio

Bonobos live in the provinces of Equator, Bandundu and Kazai in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is the only country in the world where this species is born and live in the wild.

Those areas are covered with huge primary forest, natural habitat of the bonobo. Some part of those forest remain unknown to this day.

To reach the areas where bonobos live is very difficult. One has to travel by river  until far away villages than by foot in the forest.

There may or may not be trails in the forest unless logging companies have come and cut a passage for themselves  !.....

RDC - les régions

The Orphans received at the Nursery-Sanctuary 
have travel the same road in the other direction...
A very long trip in the most awful conditions.

Arrivée au sanctuaire

Tshikapa and Kalinda

In most case the orphans arrive utterly exhausted, malnourished and full of intestinal parasites.

The first 24 hours at the Nursery are key for their survival.

Once initial medical care has been provided, the new bonobo will be given to a substitute mother who will try to develop an affective link with the orphan. 

This is the decisive moment of which will decide of the orphan's  survival.

If bonobo adopts its substitute mother it means that he has decided to live. Similarly to Gorillas, Bonobos will fight to survive if they are psychologically balanced (stable environment, care, attention ...)

Oshwe, a young female
as she looked when she arrived at the Nursery. she had lost all her hair but she is lucky since her physical condition is not desperate and her moral is excellent
Oshwe - arrivée
oshwe Oshwe again
A few months and a successful transfer of affection later.
It is impossible to counter the bonobo's will if he doesn't find his balance all the medicines in the world won't help, he will let himself die.

They need a lot of love, care and attention
to regain their will to live