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Female -
90 cm to 1 m
Male -
1 m to 1.20 m

Female -
25 to 35 kg
Male -
30 to 50 kg

Around 50 years

Humid forest of  Equateur, Bandundu & Kasai provinces of  D.R.C

Democratic Republic of Congo
It is one of the 4 Great Ape species
The other species are 
ourang-outang chimpanze gorille


The bonobo is a Great Ape species in its own right.
Physically, the Bonobo is as different from a chimpanzee 
as a Concorde plane is from a Boeing 747

Small Bonobo source Waal Young chimpanzee
We share over 98 % of our genetic identity with the bonobo genus, Pan !
  • Its physical development is very similar of that of the human species    
    For instance, young bonobos lose their milk teeth between 5 and 7 years, puberty is between 9 and 11 years, and females have an ovarian cycle very similar to that of women.
  • Their physical proportions make it possible for bonobos to stand up straight and walk quite easily. 
In contrast with Chimps,

Bonobos  have :

  • longer limbs
  • a smaller head atop narrower shoulders
  • clear white skin around the eyes
  • red lips
  • smaller black ears
Also :
  • young bonobos have black faces while young chimps have white faces
  • the first phalanxes of two of their toes are attached

Bonobos have 

  • a very attractive coiffure with long black hair parted neatly in the middle and side whiskers
  • a very marked vulvar and anal swelling for adult female
  • a very high toned voice
  • very visible breasts during pregnancy and lactation