The A.A.C association regroups a great number of people 
who are convicted of the importance of this unique project perspectives :

Save an exceptional endemic animal 
who has so much to give

Volunteers, members and staff are giving
days and even nights to make this dream come true

Come and join us on this adventure !

Portrait de famille

Valerie, Mbo, Claudine, Crispin, Emy, Sadico


claudineport.JPG (14160 octets)

Claudine André

Claudine André is
Founder and President of the Association.

Belgium citizen but African is her heart,
she was brought up between savannas and wild animals by a veterinarian father
in the kivu province in democratic republic of Congo.

Mix with  Diane Fossey , Gorillas and volcanoes during long years
she formed a dynamic character and an extraordinary love for fauna.

Pillar of the association, she is taking care of the bonobos as well as 
of the organization and logistic of the Sanctuary.

Head woman, she is a privileged speaker for the governmental and 
international organisms taking care of primates protections

She is also a Congolese functionary curator.

contact :

crispin.JPG (13003 octets)

Crispin Mahamba

Project coordinator.

Crispin is also biologist-veterinarian. he is in charge of scientific observations 
and medical supervision of the bonobos. 
He is working in close collaboration with claudine Andre

Benoit Mulumba

Crispin's assistant, engineer in agro-forestry 
and veterinary assistant by training

Mboport.JPG (19205 octets)

Mbo Bokopolo

Mbo Bokopolo is in charge of the older bonobos, 
play activities and the integration of the young bonobos 
into the group of the older ones.

Stany Mikando

He is in charge of the forest of the middle bonobos

henrietteport.JPG (18333 octets)


Henriette is taking care of the little ones of the Sanctuary.
She is a great substitute mother.

She is helped by Yvonne Vela
Micheline Nzionzo

portvalerie.JPG (15104 octets)

Valérie Dhanani

Valérie is a very active member, 
she also have the hard charge of the finances.


Dominique Morel

Very active member
In charge of English translations and texts

Karlport.JPG (20017 octets)

Karl Amman

Professional photographer and protector of the primates
Karl use his art to send messages on the importance of conservation.
Director Advisor of the association


protemy.JPG (15665 octets)

Emy Vernhet

took care of the installation of the educative project
and webmaster

contact :

Roger Mulumba
Sanitorial technician as well as 

Jean-claude Nzumbi

the driver

Thanks to all those, members or visitors, who are assisting us month after month with their faithful and life-saving contributions - one with a sack of milk powder or a box of soap, one with the salary of one of our substitute mothers, a credit for telephone calls, a drum of fuel ... 

Thank you to those who continue to send us presents and contributions from time to time long after having left Congo... Vicky Adair, Kate Farnsworth, Betsy and Jim Williamson, Terry ...

Special thanks
for the ones who where there from the start

Victor Minesi
who help us everyday 

Claude duvigneau
who construct the sanctuary free of charge


A big Merci also to

  • Karl Amman who helped us believe in our dream and make it become reality
  • T.A.S.O.K  The American School of Kinshasa - which has been proving us with a home on its campus for over two years and has graciously offered us its facilities
  • Transport Routier du Congo (car, fuel, driver)
  • Samka (paper, fourniture)
  • Sulfo-Congo
  • Inter-Connect/Kenwood Congo (email)
  • Eternit-Congo
  • Cobega
  • KPMG
  • Starcel
  • Cowbell-Congo
  • Isari 
  • Utexafrica (uniformes)
  • Mme Zena
  • Valerie et Dominique
  • Gary Richardson of the Worldwide Society for the Protection of Animals WSPA who is always there when we need help
  • Jo Thomson who has relentlessly multiplied her efforts in favor of the Sanctuary this year.
  • Nick De Souza, a great veterinarian in Kenya who came to operate on Maya and who always provides us sound medical advice.
  • Professeur Kano - japanese primatologist whom Jo put us in contact with and who recognized our work and accepted to support it, mobilizing other reserarchers as well as the Japanes public in support of our Sanctuary's bonobos.
  • Ian Redmond from Ape Alliance who helped secure a special space as "Bonobo Project" for the Sanctuary at the Great Ape Events in London in September 2000
  • Columbus Zoological Park Association and
    Milwaukee zoological Society
    which have been supporting us year after year with unwaving confidence in our work
  • Projet Bonobo Planckendael of Antwerp Zoo 
  • International League for Primate Protection (Fund Gibbons  Summerville)
  • Washington Zoo
  • International Foundation for Animal Welfare - IFAW
  • Friends of Howlettes and Port Lympne
  • Gerard de Nys
  • Jef Dupain
  • Gay Reynaertz
  • Sally Coxe
  • Alison Mize
  • Sarah Scarth
  • All  Zoo Keepers who believe in our project

  • Dr. Nyakabasa for his telephonic advices


  • All the Congolese authorities
    who believe in Conservation
  • All the members of the Association
  • All the children of  Congo
    who came to visit us
  • Frans de Waal
    for his great book "Bonobo, le Bonheur d'être Singe" éditions Fayard